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So Nicole will be doing q&a at Chicago Comic-Con. Will try to get in and find a good seat. So I will record as much as I can.


" I c a n ’ t g o t h r o u g h t h a t a g a i n "

I mean seriously jfc it’s just so damned SHIPPY, I just … ADSJFNFKSNFKNKTWTE. I mean it has to be endgame, it just has to be - that’s shippier than all of Ichatrina’s scenes put together and doubled - nay, tripled! I saw some of Ichatrina’s…

Ichabod Crane: Character Profile [x]

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Anonymous inquired:
Why are fic writers like slight_ichatrina_obsessed_sleepyfangirl so prolific, while writers of fics I actually want to read take 84 years to update? What is that?


Because the people that write the stories we want to read can sit back contently knowing that we readers are always at the edge of our seats eagerly awaiting a next chapter, unwilling to abandon them because we’re so thirsty for these stories. Mostly because we either don’t see enough of this pairing, or this pairing is the only one that matters.
While those that write those other stories have to update as soon as possible to make up for the fact that literally no one is interested in that “pairing” but those three readers.

Y’all know that chick is the one that wrote that shitty ass fic that had Abbie pregnant with Ichabod’s baby and he’s off having an actual affair with Katrina and tried to first play it off like it was an Ichabbie fic. I’m never gonna forget that travesty. I do wish the updates were quicker, however I’m sure once the season starts writers will pick up the slack. I know the finale knocked the wind out of a few people and many just haven’t felt inspired enough. We’ll get our Ichabbie stories soon I’m sure.

Countdown to Sleepy Hollow Season Two 
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And the church said?



yaaas u betterrr preachh

Yeah…Bless this post



You get this look sometimes. Guess people would call it a faraway look, but it’s not that—it’s a long ago look. I know you must be missing so many things, like maybe your favorite horse or how clear the air used to be back before all our smog. But more than anything, I know you’re missing her. 

I want you to know that it’s okay. We can talk about it, if you want. Or not, if you want. But I’m here. If you need me. Always.