Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole & Tom: Miharie magic

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Nicole and Tom being adorable

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Access Hollywood Interview with Tom and Nicole | [x]

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"I would really like to be a mermaid."

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Access Hollywood Interview with Tom and Nicole from TCA Press Tour

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i wonder what nicole got tom for his birthday

Probably the same thing she gives him everyday. The pleasure of being in her company. Since she’s the reason he has so many nice things.

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Sneak preview of some of the Sleepy Hollow emoticons from my new multicultural emojis app iROC Emoticons (irocworld). Still working on Jenny and Henry of course.

Check it out on iOS and Android and let me know your thoughts (and please leave nice reviews and ratings if you are so inclined)

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Countdown to Sleepy Hollow Season Two 
60 Days

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I can’t make it without you.

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