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Okay so:

Lt. Mills, however, might have a tougher time returning from the hell realm, especially after Moloch engages in “more trickery… that’s going to be pretty mind-blowing for her.” [x]

+ Nicole hinting about temptations in purgatory

+ Tom saying there’s “plenty for the Ichabbie shippers” while looking like he’s half a second from giggling and jumping up and down …




Abbie and Ichabod


Abbie and Ichabod


We did not have a cordial introduction, your Handcuffs and I. I rankled in their cold clutches, powerless and hobbled like an unruly animal. When at last you Freed me, I vowed that I would never again don such Shameful bracelets.

But last night proved that I was too Hasty in my assessment. It appears that under more Genteel circumstances, I quite Welcome captivity.




Seven Things I Expect from “Sleepy Hollow” Season Two


James Dimmock/FOX

The time is nigh for some more Sleepy Hollow! Season Two is only a few weeks away, and with a brand new season of scares, thrills and mystery headed our way, it’s only natural that us fans have many questions we want answered. I’ve got a list of seven things I’m hoping to see addressed as we head back into the fight to save humanity.

1. More about Katrina

We really need to…

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