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hold up,is that correct? or do my eyes deceive me? does that really say Love interest?

Whether people want to believe it or not it’s been this. Despite Ichabod being married. It’s not explicit but it’s always been there. There’s romantic elements to the ‘will they won’t they’ trope. So what’s shocking is someone actually writing down what the fandom’s already knew. Besides you don’t spend 4 hours screen testing your leads unless that was an option on the table. 






Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re right.

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Rewatching SH season 1, it seems really really obvious to me that ichabbie is endgame. The Witness are stronger together than apart, bad things happen when they're separated, Katrina is shifty and untrustworthy, Crane's always reciting wedding vows to Abbie, and season 2 is about rebuilding trust between ichabbie so they can defeat evil. Obviously they're supposed to fall in love, get married, and have a baby who will be the messiah or something like that, right? That just makes so much sense.


Rofl, well we already sometimes call Tom “White Jesus” so I suppose that would be appropriate. *snicker* 

And yeah, it’s hard to imagine this playing out in any other way. Even disregarding all the “the bible says you totally should bone” stuff, how would that even WORK if Katrina’s sticking around for the duration? Answer: it wouldn’t, it would ruin the whole balance of the show. I’d honestly be surprised if she survives the season unless she’s sidelined in some other way, but we’re really exhausted the damsel-in-distress routine now so idk - maybe she can go on a really really long spa weekend or something? Take another random trip to Europe, now that she can actually get there as easily as she made it sound the first time?

But the sensible thing would be to write her out, one way or another - I think I’m gonna place my money on a heroic sacrifice for Henremy or him killing her and that finally being what convinces Ichabod that here’s no saving him. Probably too much to hope for an explanation for all her shiftyness and lies, I ain’t that much of an optimist. 

However, I’ve always felt the show itself is the best evidence for Ichabbie=endgame, but as soon as I read some articles or interviewers with the showrunners, or listen to that dreadful podcast, I’m bombarded with doubts. I really wish the writers could get on the same page as their own show…

I firmly believed right after the pilot aired that Ichabbie=endgame. I also believed that even if they decided to keep Ichabod and Abbie as friends (with various intimate moments thrown in) Katrina was not going to be around long term. Her role was in the first season a plot device in every sense of the word. Tom even confirmed that. So even though she has a larger role in season 2, my belief is that this will be her swan song. She wasn’t killed off last season to my surprise, nor did she turn out to be an evil mastermind. Also to my surprise.

Katrina represents too much of what Ichabod lost. She is his past, and if he is to be the best witness he can possibly be. And a partner/friend to Abbie, he has to move forward and remain stuck in the past. I can see her dying tragically if not this season (which i suspect it will happen) or at the very least the beginning of next season. Essentially her dying or just being written off the show has to happen in order to resume the story line in the present. 

Besides the whole point of the ‘will they won’t they’ trope wouldn’t work quite as well when the wife is very much in the picture.  Instead it feels too much like a triangle and I don’t care for those very much. So at the very least with Katrina gone it eliminates that aspect.



club twerk…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

What’s that about?

that’s the name of the club that nick and ichabod go to. it sounds like this is the episode that features the succubus. like they couldn’t think of another name for it…….*sigh*


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They only like Jenny because 1) she’s not a threat to their shitty ship, and 2) they found out that Katia and Lyndie are roommates.  They didn’t have shit to say positive about Jenny/Lyndie during season 1.

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And she light-skinnededed with “good hair” thanks to her white daddy, but I’m sleep.

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I love Jenny/Lyndie and pitting one black girl against another is gross in and of itself, but if you can honestly say that Abbie is not an interesting character then you’re bullshitting and I need you to get your god damn life together. I just need people to stop using Jenny as a scapegoat excuse to show how they’re ‘not racist’.

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#WhiteFeminism It’s one of THREE DAMN SHOWS on with a black female lead and of course, white fangirls have to shit over it. Fuck their jealousy and entitlement. Of course, they like Jenny Abbie is too dark for them.

i definitely suspect that part of it is because lyndie’s “acceptable black” to them.

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Seriously? A character who was in ONE episode is more developed than Abbie? Are you fucking kidding me?


anyway, i dropped a mean girl quote and they replied:

I assume this is meant to put me down, but now I’m really curious about the relation between back hair and TV shows.

Anyway, what I think is, Abbie is just a mixture of the traits associated with her identities, as is Ichabod (noble Sherlockian gentleman fish-out-of-water). Jenny, however, overcame her initial portrayal as a bitter I-was-right-all-along person, and we discovered that she was in fact quite level-headed, badass without being cliché, sort of a paranormal investigator and freedom fighter, plus Lyndie Greenwood is just a much better actor than Nicole.

So I stand by what I said.

y’all, i went AWF (though not as much as i could have considering that i didn’t address their obvious dislike for nicole). this isn’t very articulate, but:

it means i think your comment’s myopic and i didn’t feel like exhausting myself, but sure why not…it’s not like i was gonna actually work out today anyway.
abbie’s a mixture of traits associated with her identities and jenny isn’t a “mixture of traits associated with her identities”? because what you just described about jenny are definitely traits and not at all what makes her interesting.

abbie being a “black police female cop” isn’t what makes her interesting inside the context of the series. “black female cop protagonist” isn’t exactly a new or interesting characterisation for black women—there have been black female characters in “tough” roles because that’s all black women are ever allowed to be portrayed as. abbie’s character could have gone stereotypical pretty quickly had she not had other layers to her. what makes her more interesting than her description are other factors like her fear and her vulnerability.

i could say the same that jenny’s only interesting because she’s a “black female freedom fighter and paranormal investigator”…like we haven’t had freedom fighters and paranormal investigators in fiction who overcame their bitterness and were right and level-headed all along? both jenny and abbie satisfy certain tropes, which are subverted by the fact that they’re both black and female—but that’s in a societal framework (i.e. how black female characters are typically represented in media).

the exploration of both characters’ stories and personalities is what adds multidimensionality to their characters, not their occupations or the tropes they satisfy.

in the actual story, things that make abbie interesting:

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"There's a brilliant scene, last year, where Ichabod and Abbie go into Purgatory. And it's the first time that Ichabod, Abbie and Katrina are in a room together and it's awkward. Before they leave, before Ichabod takes Katrina into the real world, there's a really loving embrace with Abbie." -Tom Mison Why is he doing this to us?


*Immediately tracks down article* (what did we even do before google?).

Goodness, I hadn’t seen that yet, that’s just … [cartoony hearteyes]. Oh Mison, you magnificent bastard. I wouldn’t say he’s doing anything to us, I’d say FOR us - he’s in our corner! I mean this was just chock-full of Ichabbie goodies: 

Jealousy might be a little strong… no yeah, he’s jealous. Much like when Ichabod doesn’t understand something, he’s never going to show someone that. He’s never going to let that be revealed. There are little moments where he has to control himself. And in fact, this scene today is what are his intentions towards Lieutenant Mills.

He literally goes “Hashtag Ichabbie”! Like, the dude is 100% on our team and I love him to bits for it. 

I also really loved this quote:

You finally get to see him have a big, stupid frappemaccho whatsit, because he would only be used to the really strong, no milk, shot of grainy coffee. And it’s good because it’s a moment where he’s absolutely against it. He’s against the cost of it, the look of it, the name of it, but it’s irresistible. I really like those moments where Crane is haughty, he’s got a pole stuck up his ass and he melts, because he’s charmed.

Because I have no idea if he meant it like that (probably not) but I feel like that’s a bit of a nod to Ichabbie, like an analogy or a “why they work” - that’s what endearing about them. He’s kind of a prickly bugger and she sort of pierces through that and - I have to disagree a bit with the the start of the article because I actually think Abbie does call him out on shit. Maybe less now than at the start, and maybe not as much as she could/should, but she only finds it cute about half of the time and the rest of it she does keep him in check, she keeps him grounded. And I feel like they charm each other in that process and that’s part of what works so well about them. 

Anyway, returning to the point: Tom Mison is a treasure in every bloody way and we’re lucky to have him. Not just as a supporter of Ichabbie (although that certainly) but just listening to him talk about Ichabod I feel like he *gets* his character - he doesn’t just know what to do, he knows what NOT to do. He knows what works and what people enjoy and what they want to see, and he knows him and the show wouldn’t work without Nicole. He knows what’s up, basically. 


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This is a Lieutenant Abbie Mills/Nicole Beharie Appreciation PostBecause she is so much more than “a worthy sidekick.”